Travel with Confidence

Verifiable QR technology gives you a seamless travel experience while preserving your privacy

How it works


Check destination country travel requirements.


Take COVID-19 PCR test and receive test result with Verifiable QRs.

Hold on to both the test result and the Verifiable QR for verification purposes.


Present test result QR code for arrival verification at Immigration checkpoint.


Book pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test.

Check the list below for healthcare providers that issue Verifiable QRs.


Check with your airline for check-in requirements.

Present test result QR code at check-in counter (when applicable)

Traveler FAQ

Q. Why should I use “Verifiable QR”?

"Verifiable QR" enables your COVID-19 test results to be verified as authentic in seconds, helping to facilitate a seamless travel experience. Additionally, you will have control of your health records, which can be shared only if you provide consent. In the future, we plan to support vaccination records.

Q. How do I get a Verifiable QR for my COVID-19 test results or vaccination record?

Please visit one of our partner healthcare providers and request a Verifiable QR.

Q. If I have a Verifiable QR, does it mean that I will not have to present the physical test results upon check-in / immigration? 

Currently, for many countries, your test results will be checked manually, so you are still required to carry and present your physical test results. The list of countries and airlines that accept “Verifiable QR” is growing daily. As such, airlines and immigration who use our Uni-fier solution will be able to verify your results by scanning your Verifiable QR code (on your physical test result, from your email or in your digital wallet).

Q. What happens if my flight itinerary is changed, will my Verifiable QR still work?

Your Verifiable QR will work / be valid as long as the test results still meet the arrival country’s entry requirements. Your Verifiable QR is not tied to your flight, as it is verified with respect to the arrival country’s entry requirements, so as long as it still meets those requirements, then the Verifiable QR will be valid.


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