Verify digital health credentials

quickly and confidently 

Key Attributes of Unifer

Assurance of Authenticity

The Unifier provides real-time, cryptographically-proven authenticity checks, delivering guaranteed assurances of validity and provenance

Entry Compliance

and Automation

The Unifier delivers powerful tools enabling operational automation and compliance with COVID-19 related destination health checks and entry requirements

Rapidly Deployable

and Easily Integrated

Each technology requires end-to-end adoption and does not work with other solutions

We give you the confidence to re-open borders safely today

Simple and quick deployment

  • Standalone tablet based system

  • To be integrated with existing technology providers

Ability to read a wide variety of types and format of digital COVID-19 test results

  • No need for different systems to verify different digital format types

Assurance that COVID-19 test results are authentic

  • No need to check if physical documents have been tampered with

Faster processing of passengers

  • Only need to match name and passport details

  • Save time checking and matching others fields, e.g. test date, test result, test lab, etc.

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