Enabling smoother entry

with Verifiable QR

and Unifier

Covid-19 pandemic has posed challenges for country reopening.

  • Covid has led to countries closing their border which has had severe impact to the economy

  • As domestic situations improve, countries are reopening their borders safely by requiring passengers to come with appropriate Covid-19 test result and vaccination records.

  • This has led to challenges with fake test results that pose a new set of challenges

Current verification solutions pose

3 key operational challenges

No standard verification

Each existing solution has a different verification method, making it complex for airlines and immigration to support different methods

No independent verification

Airlines and immigrations have to rely on what is presented with no easy way to verify if what is presented is authentic or if it has been tampered with

No interoperability

Each technology requires end-to-end adoption and does not work with other solutions

An interoperable solution to simply and securely verify digital health certificates 

Safe Travel Ecosystem

Front-end Wallet

Help travelers to find a lab and book an appointment.

Front-end Wallet

Travelers present QR

code for airline check-in and to immigration.

Terminals, Vessels and

Immigration Checkpoint

Verify COVID-19 test results and vaccination record.

Healthcare Institutions

Conduct test or vaccination, and issue verifiable QRs of test results or vaccination record.

Digital Certificate Enablers

Implement verifiable QRs to allow healthcare institutions to join the safe travel ecosystem.


Seamless verification of test authenticity and matching with destination entry requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is “Verifiable QR” and what does it look like?

“Verifiable QR” are QR codes that provide a way for airlines and immigration to verify that your COVID-19 test results - and eventually vaccination records- are authentic. This Verifiable QR code can be displayed on your physical test/ vaccine results, in PDF format and sent to your email address or stored in your preferred digital wallet.

Q. What is “Unifier” and how does it differ from other forms of digital verification?

Our solution “Unifier” has the ability to read and authenticate various Verifiable QR codes, based on a range of technology standards and innovations from different providers (both private and public). As such, when travellers present their personal QR code, their results can be verified almost instantly with our Unifier.

Q. What information can be read from the Verifiable QR?

This will depend on your healthcare provider. In general, governments require specific passenger information, including “Full Name, Passport No. and Nationality” as well as “Test Result / Vaccine Status, Name of Lab, Test Date and Test Type”. Additionally, the Verifiable QR code needs to also contain a way for information to be verified, e.g. digital signature.

Q. Where is the “Unifier” deployed?

Our solution “Unifier” is deployable at airline check-in counters and immigration checkpoints.