Way of the future:

Issue digital health credentials as verifiable QRs

Issue health credentials enabled with the following attributes

HealthCard and HL7 FHIR Compliant

The FHIR Bundle used as a data payload in health credentials is fully HL7 standards compliant, delivering improved interoperability for your healthcare operations.

We would be happy to assist in enabling translation and mapping of data within your systems to the FHIR compliant health credential format.

Credential backed

Health credentials encapsulate a well-structured JSON-LD compliant data structure.

This format is fully W3C-compliant, enabling interoperable machine readable applications to be built that support retrieval and validation by third parties.

Tamper evident with proof of provenance

Health credentials contain a cryptographic mechanism enabling the payload to be verified independently.

This mechanism is capable of delivering proof that the payload originates from your organization and has not been tampered with by the traveler or other parties, improving trust in your medical products and tests.

User-friendly QR representation

The health credential is presented via means of a QR which can be scanned by any verifier to acces & extract the backing health credential for verification.

The presentation is secured via means of encryption in order to prevent the credential from being read by parties without access to the QR code.

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